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Nestled in the Chatan Fisharena Area in central Okinawa. 『Cococious Monpa]
We aim to create a hotel that will please women and children, with walls that are different in each room and colors that emphasize brightness.
Have a drink of your choice on the veranda while gazing at the sea of Chatan Marina.
A relaxing space where you can forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What is Cococious

  • What is Cococious

    Coco (heart heart / hospitality, gratitude) + luscious(Pleasant/comfortable… )
    Coco (heart heart / hospitality, gratitude) + precious("Time, experience, etc." are important... /precious / cute)
    Coco (heart/hospitality/gratitude) +gracious(elegant / graceful / elegant)

    It is a coined word that combines the heart and all the keywords required for a hotel.

Passion of Monpa

  • Room cleaning during stay

    From the perspective of SDGs and ecology, and from the desire to use the room as if it were your own home,
    We have a system that prevents staff from entering your room during your stay.
    *We do not clean your room during your stay.Please also understand.
    *Please ask at the front desk for free linen and towel changes.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

About our hotel

Car rental + accommodation

  • Car rental + accommodation

    Click here to apply for the accommodation plan with rental car

    Book a rental car and hotel together!
    You can freely choose the rental car store and time, as well as the hotel plan, room, and meal conditions.
    In addition, the price for accommodation plan with rental cars is based on current market prices.
    Prices change in real time, so book early to save money!

Airfare + Accommodation

  • Airfare + Accommodation

    Book your flight and hotel together!
    You can freely combine your favorite air tickets from over 13 airlines, including low-cost carriers.
    You can also rent a car to get around during your trip.
    Prices change in real time, so book early to save!

Information for customers

  • For customers with small children

    I hope to reduce the burden on mothers, even if only a little,
    For guests traveling with small children, we will give you a set of ``5 disposable diapers, 1 bottle of cube milk (5 pieces), and wipes (1 piece per stay)'' for the number of nights you stay.(Maximum of 3 nights)
    If you need more, please feel free to ask at the front desk.
  • For female customers

    Skin care products such as milky lotions are available at the front desk for female customers.
    Please pick it up at check-in.
  • To all visitors

    We have a coffee set.
    Please pick it up at the front desk when you check in.


  • Italian restaurant & bar "COCO MIO"

    "We want our customers to be happy”
    "We want you to enjoy delicious food from the bottom of your heart”
    I named it with that in mind.
    Please enjoy the variety of dishes that represent our "heart"!

Inside this facility/facilities

  • From hotel check-in to stay

    Please check in at the front desk on the 1st floor.
    A parking lot surrounds the building.
    It can be used for free.
    When you come to the hotel, please park your car in front of the main entrance on the first floor.
    Please drop off your luggage and companions.
    After that, please park your car in a vacant parking space.
  • Late night admission

    From the viewpoint of crime prevention, the hotel is closed from midnight to 5:00 in the morning.
    It is a system that you can not enter without a card key.
    The purpose is to prevent non-guests from entering the building, so we ask for the understanding of our guests.

    *Please remember to bring your card key with you when you go out.
    *It is also possible to call the staff on the intercom.
  • About using the parking lot

    There are 50 parking spaces on the hotel premises.
    We do not make reservations or secure spaces.
    It will be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

    *Please understand that we do not accept inquiries regarding the availability of parking lots.
    *If the parking lot is full, we will guide you to a nearby parking lot.
Inside this facility / to the facility page


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Hotel Name

Cococious Monpa


25-1 Mihama, Chatan Town, Nakagami County, Okinawa Prefecture

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About 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport on National Route 58 to the north.
Map code:335 551 16*76
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